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NABS SDI Program

What is NABS?
NABS is the Northern Australia Biosecurity Surveillance Framework. It was established through the Developing Northern Australia and Agricultural Competitiveness White Papers in 2016 to build effective and sustainable surveillance systems for the priority diseases of plants, animals and fisheries.

Why did NABS start the SDI Network?
The SDI Network is a NABS initiative to help ensure the veterinary response to significant disease events of cattle is timely and effective. Reactive  surveillance (SDIs) are a cornerstone of onshore biosecurity.

How does it work?
The SDI Network has three components:

Who governs the SDI Network?
The NABS Animal Working Group has oversight of the SDI Network. The group is funded by the Commonwealth Government and has biosecurity representatives from each of the state governments in the north (WA, NT and Queensland) and Animal Health Australia.
What are its objectives?
SDIs are the pathway to early detection of disease incursions, management of production issues in cattle herds and continued market access.

The NABS SDI Network

The NABS SDI Network has a membership of about 50 private practitioners, state lab veterinary pathologists and government field officers. The network is helping build the processes and resources to underpin Significant Disease Investigations of cattle in Northern Australia.