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2024-2025 Cattle Skin Survey

2024-25 project to sample cattle skin lesions seen during routine work. This helps further describe the typical range of skin conditions in northern Australia and contributes to the ‘evidence of absence’ of LSD. It’s also an opportunity to remind people who work with cattle to watch for skin lesions.

Producers should be clear that these are NOT suspect LSD cases. Any suspect LSD lesions are EAD-urgent: call the hotline 1800 675 888 and notify your jurisdiction.

Placing a fresh skin sample into a sterile tube


Each property submission can be invoiced through NABSnet for $600+GST (+ freight where relevant). LSD sampling kits will be supplied, with a standard submission form and simple supplementary form. An info flyer for the property owner is also supplied.

Steps to submit samples:

  • For each clinical condition on the property, draft off up to 2 animals for sampling.
  • Photograph the lesions.
  • Collect two biopsies from each animal: a formalin fixed and a fresh sample.
  • Collect serum and EDTA blood from each animal sampled if possible (not critical).
  • Fill in the history and description of the lesions on the submission form.
  • Pack the samples and send to the state laboratory with the lab submission and supplementary forms, to arrive the next day.
  • Text the photos to Teagan Fitzwater (0466 614 706) AND email the photos to your state lab (addresses below).
  • Report the results to the property owner and to Teagan, once received from the lab


Any questions – contact Teagan Fitzwater, NABSnet project manager, 0466 614 706, email