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NABS SDI subsidy

Disease events that are eligible

Northern Australia   NT or north of the Tropic of Capricorn for Queensland and WA

Livestock   Cattle, sheep, pigs, goats

Significant disease event  Multiple species, Multiple animals, Unusual presentation, Exclusion of a NABS priority disease OR An approved case

Report immediately if you suspect an EAD.



What’s needed if choose to do as a NABS SDI
  • Practice has a NABS Practice Package
  • Vet tells NABS Vet Adviser the investigation is starting
  • Vet submits a detailed case history and quality samples to the lab
  • Vet gives producer written recommendations
  • Vet debriefs case with the NABS Vet Adviser and provides case summary.
Where to get more advice

About the approach to an investigation, specimen collection, handling and transport of samples…

Kevin Bell (NABS Vet Adviser) 0427 433 244 [email protected]

Graham Mackereth (DPRID vet) 08 9194 1420 [email protected]

Dave Forshaw (DDSL pathologist) Davi[email protected]

Duty pathologist 08 9369 3351 [email protected]

Kevin Bell (NABS Vet Adviser) 0427 433 244 [email protected]

Lil Stedman (DPIR vet) 08 8999 2035 [email protected]

Lorna Melville (BVL pathologist) [email protected]

Duty pathologist 08 8999 2249 [email protected]

Kevin Bell (NABS Vet Adviser) 0427 433 244 [email protected]

Derek Lunau (DAF vet) 07 4843 2613 [email protected]

Greg Storie (BSL pathologist) [email protected]

Duty pathologist 07 3708 8762 [email protected]

And remember to identify as a NABS SDI on the accession sheet