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Rule-out of exotic disease in feral pigs

Unusual presentation:

Feral pigs in poor condition and ‘sick looking’.

Time and location:  January 2020, north Queensland.

Case definition: Feral pigs in poor condition.

Gross findings: The farmer trapped 8 pigs and presented for examination and sampling (4 piglets, 4 young pigs about 30-40 kg). One in poor body condition (BCS 1.5-2) but no other clinical signs observed. No gross lesions found at post mortem of the 4 older pigs. Full range of fresh tissue samples (heart, lung, liver, spleen, kidney, stomach, small and large intestine), bloods and urine submitted to laboratory.

Laboratory findings: Detailed histo with evidence of parasites. Test negative for African Swine Fever (PCR on blood, lung, spleen), Classical Swine Fever (PCR on blood, lung, spleen & ELISA on blood), and Foot & Mouth Disease (PCR on blood, lung, spleen). Also test negative for Brucella suis (Rose Bengal plate test) and Leptospira (PCR on urine).

Animal / management / environment risk factors: AFS was confirmed in Papua New Guinea in March 2020.

Recommendations: Continue monitoring for signs of illness amongst feral pigs – exclusion of ASF and FMD is very important.