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Repro disease investigation resources

The ‘NABS Reproductive Disease Investigation Guidelines For Veterinarians’ describes the:

  • Level of repro performance seen in different regions of northern Australia
  • Risk factors – from nutritional conditions and management practices, to infectious diseases
  • Diagnostic information for infectious disease agents.

The corresponding producer publication includes:

  • Questions they may be asked in an investigation
  • How herd records can help diagnosis of the problem
  • A body condition score tool
  • Indicative costs of laboratory tests.
Keeping the investigation doable

Investigations of poor reproductive performance in cattle are complex. Using the NABS Disease Mapping framework can help it into systematic, doable steps. Start by:

  • Working out who’s affected (eg heifers, first lactation vs mature cows)
  • In what way (typical case description)
  • Putting together a timeline with notable events (Temperature Humidity Index at calving, pasture quality and availability, mustering and management etc)
  • Taking (10+) bloods from affected and unaffected mobs can be a good start.