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What plant is this? (2)

Portulaca oleracea

(pigweed, purslane)

Part 1 'Poisonous plants a plenty'

Selina Ossedryver delivers a powerhouse of information to the 2021 NABS Masterclass

Timestamps: The four images on this page are at 5.25, 13.45, 14.10 and 15.10 minutes.

pigweed (Portulaca oleracea)

What it causes: Hypocalcaemia and kidney crystals due to soluble oxalates. Nitrate-nitrite poisoning under some conditions.

phytotoxic causes of sudden death in northern Australia
when soluble oxalates in plants are likely to cause livestock poisonings
main effects of soluble oxalates on body
post mortem diagnosis of oxalate poisoning