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Using jab sticks (aka pole syringes)

Jab sticks can be used to sedate or medicate:

  • Yarded animals that won’t, can’t or shouldn’t go up a race
  • Livestock on hobby farms with inadequate facilities
  • Stock truck rollovers
  • Bulls when they are difficult to put in a head bale
  • Animals in trailers prior to euthanasia and entering the post mortem room.
Jab sticks are push-operated pole syringe that enable animals to be injected from a safe distance, outside of kicking range.

Some advantages of jab sticks over other remote injection systems, such as the Westergun, are that:

  • They use readily available disposable syringes
  • There are multiple options for length and type of pole handle
  • They are competitively priced.

Suppliers can be readily located on the internet.